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Created by: Karin Björling, 2018-02-26
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Hartman`s procedure vs abdominoperinal resection with intersphincteric dissection in patiens with rectal cancer: a randomized multicenter trial ( HAPIrect)




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In patients with rectal cancer, an anterior resection with a colo-rectal or colo-anal anastomoses is the gold standard. However, in patients with a weak sphincter and fecal incontinence or in patients with severe co-morbidity and reduced general condition, this operation is not suitable.

In these situations there are two other radical surgical options, Hartmanns procedure and the Abdominoperineal excision that can be performed with intersphincteric dissection to minimise perineal complications.There are no data on which of these procedures that are best suited for these patients with fecal incontinence or severe co-morbidity( at risk for life-threatening anastomotic leak). In this randomized study we intend to compare postoperative complications within 30 days after these two procedures and also late complications and quality of life after one year postoperatively.

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HAPIrect, from Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Dalarna