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Created by: Karin Björling, 2018-10-23
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Project created in: Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Dalarna


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Fourier Open-label Extension Study in Subjects With Clinically Evident Cardiovascular Disease in Selected European Countries



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This is a multicenter, open-label extension (OLE) study designed to assess the extended long-term safety of evolocumab in subjects who have completed the FOURIER trial (Study 20110118). FOURIER is a randomized placebo-controlled study of evolocumab, in patients with clinically evident atherosclerotic CVD on stable effective statin therapy. Subjects at sites participating in FOURIER OLE (Study 20160250) who are eligible and have signed the FOURIER OLE informed consent will be enrolled after completion of FOURIER.

The FOURIER OLE study requires laboratory assessments at day 1, week 12, and thereafter approximately every 6 months from day 1; the corresponding blood samples will be processed using a central laboratory.

Upon enrollment in FOURIER OLE study, subjects will receive evolocumab 140 mg every 2 weeks (Q2W) or 420 mg monthly (QM) according to their preference. Frequency and corresponding dose of administration can be changed at any scheduled time point where evolocumab is supplied to the subject, provided the appropriate supply is available. It is recommended that subjects continue the same background lipid-lowering therapy (LLT), including statin, as taken during FOURIER.

This study will continue for 260 weeks (approximately 5 years). Subjects ending administration of evolocumab should continue study assessments until the end of study. All subjects will be followed and complete procedures/assessments from enrollment through the date of study termination unless the subject has withdrawn consent, irrespective of whether the subject is continuing to receive treatment.

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FOURIER-OLE, from Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Dalarna