Den psykologiska ohälsa i förhållande till funktionella utfall efter knäproteskirurgi
Den psykologiska ohälsa i förhållande till funktionella utfall efter knäproteskirurgi
Project number : 206655
Created by: Aamir Mahdi, 2016-12-11
Last revised by: Aamir Mahdi, 2019-02-04
Project created in: FoU Region Örebro län

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Det är ca 20% av patienter som är missnöjda efter knäartroplastik. tidigare studier har visat en korrelation mellan både mekaniska och psykologiska faktorer och nöjdheten. En del av patienter fortsätter att vara missnöjda ett år efter ingreppet utan tydliga orsakar. Därför startades detta projektet. Huvudsyftet är en analys av faktorer som kan leda till patientens missnöjda. Extra betoning på psykologiska ohälsan. Första studien syftar till att se om det finns relation mellan psykologiska ohälsan och ett års resultat efter knäplastik. Andra studien jämför 2 knäimplantat efter ett år. Tredje studien studerat hur knäkirurgen i Sverige informera sina patienter innan de blev opererad. Fjärde studie är en kvalitativ studie där man har intervjuat 44 icke-nöjda patienter ett år efter de blev opererad. Sammanställning av alla studier kommer att visa faktorer som såväl ortopeden som patienter ska tänka på innan man genomgår sådant ingrepp. Detta kan resultera i strategier som kan minska missnöjdheten.

Sammanfattning på engelska

The Ph.D. thesis will compose of 4 studies. All of which are searching for patients who have undergone total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and are dissatisfied with the result of the knee surgery. The first general aim of this PhD project is to evaluate reasons for unsatisfactory results after Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), with specific relation to preoperative psychological distress. The second general aim is to investigate how orthopedic surgeons handle pre-operative information knowing that 20 % of their patients will not be satisfied.
The first study is on Preoperative psychological distress in a regional Swedish cohort in relation to postoperative outcome in terms of PROMS and HADS (1, 2, 3)
The second study will be a knee prosthesis design study. Two matched groups of patients who underwent a total knee arthroplasty in two different hospitals are going to be compared. Every hospital is using a special type of prosthesis. The idea is to reveal that patients with depression and or anxiety are going to be unsatisfied regardless of the type. If we will get other results this may turn the thinking about the mechanical factors as a more problematic issue. The third study will reveal the preoperative information that the patients get from the knee surgeons. What is the percentage of the TKA surgeons who inform their patients about the results? The fourth study is designed also qualitatively. A deep semi structural interview with the patients who are unsatisfied after TKA-procedure. The main purpose is to discover the correctable factors which were contributed to bad results. Co-operation with Swedish Knee arthroplasty registry will take place

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The question regarding poor outcome after TKA is an issue that has been known many for years. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for this is that patients with depression and anxiety before the operation are likely to come out with a poor result. This has however not been investigated in a large regional cohort. Our expectations are to find a results which will facilitate the decision making in case of new knee prosthesis in this patient category. This might lead to decreased patient suffering, decrease the risk of revision surgery(which is associated with high complications rate) and not least a positive economical issues to the Health system

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Per Wretenberg
Professor/Överläkare, Ortopediska kliniken
Maria Hälleberg Nyman
sjuksköterska, Hälsovetenskaper



Den psykologiska ohälsa i förhållande till funktionella utfall efter knäproteskirurgi, from FoU Region Örebro län