My pages

My pages

Once you have created a personal profile in this system and logged in, clicking on the menu My pages will provide sub-menus with all information related to you. The sub-menus will differ depending on your role in this research administrative system.

If you want to find an document where you are involved, remember if you are the person who made the document, a co-worker/co-researcher or an advisor/supervisor/tutor. You will find the document under the appropriate sub-menu.

The sub-menu My projects is intended to list descriptions of current or completed projects in the project database where you are the principal investigator. If you are a co-investigator or supervisor use the appropriate sub-menu to find the description of the project. Some projects use the function for electronic logbook. To find a logbook first find the project description in the project database. When you found it click on the button on top of it named logbook.

The sub-menu Match-making manage your advertisements for Honours students, Masters students, PhD students or other types of co-workers that can be involved in your project. Your adverts for a research opportunity are presented in the  match-making module. This page is used by more portals using Researchweb.

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