Academic & Thesis Writing Workshops - Concise writing

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Education session or seminar up to one day duration

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The Academic & Thesis Writing Workshops (ATWW) series provides practical and conceptual information on how academic writing works, and encourages you to put the techniques to use in your thesis, proposals and journal articles. Whatever your current stage of writing, there are benefits for anyone who wishes to attend.

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JCU Building - K Block Level 1
Tutorial Room 4

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Health Care - Health care providers - Queensland Health - Mackay Hospital and Health Service - Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation (MIRI)

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Mackay Hospital and Health Staff - Please contact

JCU Students - Please contact or visit CareerHub to register

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checked Dentistry - Dental Hygienist
checked Dentistry - Dental Prosthetists
checked Dentistry - Dental Therapist
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