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Magnus P. Borres


Uppsala Universitet, institutionen för kvinnor och barns hälsa
Phadia AB. Rapsgatan 7
phone number:
070 527 2543
Uppsala Box 6460. 751 37 UPPSALA

Article - Peer reviewed scientific (6)

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Article - Other scientific (1)

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Social Pediatrics
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Academic Qualifications & Positions:

Uppsala UniversityMedical degreeJanuary 1982
Faculty of Medicine

Johns HopkinsMaster of Public HealthMay 1984
Medical Institutionsin Int. Health & Epidemiology

Linköping UniversityDoctor of PhilosophyNovember 1991
Paediatric Allergology
& Immunology

Gothenburg, Uppsala110 credits (=2.75 years)1982-1990
& Linköping University Teaching, Medical Ethics,
Faculty of Philosophy& Medical Anthropology

Gothenburg University Ass Professor, Depart of Pediatrics1998-2012

Uppsala University Adj Professor, Depart of Pediatrics2013-

Västerås General HospitalInternshipAugust 1984

Linköping University HospitalResidency in PediatricsOctober 1988
Subspecialty in School HealthSeptember 1992
Subspecialty in AllergologyApril 1995

Board memberYoung Physicians Medical1982 – 1983
Association of Västmanland
National School Health Association1990 – 1993
Doctors Against Tobacco1991 – 1993
Paediatric Association1994 – 1996

Leadership courseNorrköpings Kommun1993

International Intern UNICEF, New York1979
Intern El Sahel Hospital, Cairo1980
Chairman of Swedish Medical
Student International Committee1979 – 1982
Teacher in International Health
Linköping University1986 – 1992
Consultative physician
Refugee Medicine1990 – 1994
Exchange Linköping – Kenya1988 – 1990
Advisory Board Member UCB1995 – 1996
Advisory Board Member SP, USA1995 – 2000
Research collaboration
- several international projects1984 –

Work history

1988 – 1994Specialist Pediatrician, Linköping University Hospital
1990-1994Director of School Health, Norrköping
1994-2000Director of Child Health Services, Gothenburg
Senior Consultant, Depart of Pediatrics, Gothenburg
2000-2002 Chief of Department of Pediatrics, Falun Hospital
2002-Medical Director, Pharmacia/Pfizer/Phadia/Thermo Fisher Scientific, Uppsala

Teaching experience

o20-point course in Teaching, Uppsala University 1983
oTeaching course for Ass Prof, Linköping University 1993
oCourse in Supervision, Karolinska Institute. 2011

Teacher at numerous courses
oPediatrics for medical students & residents, Linköping, Gothenburg, Stockholm
oSocial Medicine for medical students, Linköping & Gothenburg
oRefugee Center, Linköping
oNursing Schools; Växjö, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Linköping
oTeachers College; Linköping, Gothenburg, Stockholm
oPharmaceutical industry; Pharmacia Upjohn, UCB, Schering-Plough, Glaxo, AstraZeneca
oPatient organizations

Responsible for and teacher at
oHealth Care in Developing Countries, five credits, Linköping University 1986 – 1992
oAllergy in Practise, five credits, Linköping University 1992 –1993

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