Publication: Teratogenic tumors in childhood and their surgical treatment

Teratogenic tumors in childhood and their surgical treatment.
Sofia: Medical Academy of Bulgaria; 1991.


Abstract: The aim was to study of the teratogenic tumors of different localization in childhood and to improve the diagnostic and surgical methods, to achieve better treatment outcomes. An analysis of all data related to etiology, post-mortem CHARACTERISTICS, diagnostics, surgical TACTICS AND Postoperative complications in these tumors to their different localization. PROPOSED ARE ORIGINAL THEORY AND SCHEMES DIAGNOSIS AND SURGICAL Tactics various localization teratogenic TUMORS, AND AVOIDANCE SCHEME OF POST-OPERATIVE COMPLICATIONS OF SAKROKOKTSIGEALNATA localization. DESCRIBED ARE VERY RARE CASES FOR THE FIRST TIME in the medical literature. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IS PRACTICAL SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS AS A TREATMENT RESULTS ACHIEVED coincides with the optimal value on the medical literature.

, from FoU i Västra Götalandsregionen